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The compensatory allowance: késako?

The compensatory allowance paid by one spouse to another compensates, as far as possible, the disparity that the divorce will create in the living conditions of each of the former spouses. Since the law of May 26, 2004, it can be granted in all types of divorce proceedings , provided that the legal conditions relating to its attribution are met. Apart from the case where the spouses agree on the amount and…

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The criminal no longer holds the civilian in the state

The law of 4 March 2002 affirmed the principle of alternating residence. In fact, according to article 373-2-9 of the French Civil Code: ” the child’s residence may be fixed alternately in the home of each parent or in the home of one of them. ” This is to allow the child to live successively with one and the other of his parents (every other week, 15 days or a month on…

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Cohabitation and separation

As concubinage is a free union, it can also be broken quite freely. REPAIR: The concubine “victim” of the separation can, provided to prove the existence of a fault, a prejudice and a causal link between the two to obtain repair (on the foundation of the article 1382 of the Civil Code ). However, the fault invoked must not be the break itself … In addition, the case law agrees…

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